BHTD Chain·Distributed Shared Consumption Ecology Platform Based on Blockchain

The world's first landing

decentralized consumer credit agreement

BHTD Chain

BHTD Chain is the world's first decentralized consumer credit agreement, providing businesses, operators and consumers with points access, distribution, authorization, acceptance, settlement and other services to fully stimulate the economic value of consumer points; Exchange Points BHTD, integrating all commercial resources and consumption points, building a blockchain-based commercial big data and value network, reconstructing the trillion-dollar online and offline business traffic ecology, and ultimately creating one of the world's largest decentralized shared consumption Ecological platform.


Ecological creation

Decentralized exchange platform

BHTD Chain will build the world's largest decentralized business point exchange platform based on blockchain, issue BHTD exchange points, integrate all merchant resources and consumption points, and provide points access, distribution, authorization, merchants, consumers and consumers. Acceptance, settlement and other services to fully stimulate the economic value of consumption points.

Physical business layout

BHTD Chain uses the blockchain technology to innovate the centralized traditional point system, and immediately attracted the broad consensus of all parties. The BHTD exchange platform will be based in Singapore and will be located in the Asian market, with a focus on breaking the stalemate in China's points market and gradually moving towards the world. BHTD has already entered into strategic cooperation with a number of physical industry groups in Singapore, South Korea and China. It has become a group of first-time application providers to access the BHTD decentralized exchange platform through merchant access. Bringing its users to be the earliest beneficiaries of the BHTD eco-growth dividend.

Mall and wallet

BHTD Chain has successfully built BHTD Mall and BHTD Wallet. As a supporting facility of BHTD Chain Ecology, Points Mall really helps BHTD Chain realize the benign closed loop of “Points - Cashing - Custody - Expanding Purchases - Adding New Points". Ordinary users can use the BHTD Chain built-in points store for point redemption, product purchase, and service transactions. The mall wallet is now in beta and will be released soon.


As a highly-growing global business exchange credit, BHTD will remain the same, and its value will rise with the increase in the value and scale of the BHTD Eco Platform. In addition to the exchange function, BHTD is also the equity certificate of the whole ecological value. With the continuous improvement of the database, the increasing number of merchants and users, BHTD as the platform of the certificate and the encryption fuel, its value is immeasurable. BHTD has successively landed on the Singapore OCX Exchange, the PK Exchange, the Australian EXX Exchange and the South Korean AZ Exchange. Before March 2019, at least five internationally influential exchanges will be launched to increase the liquidity and investment of BHTD points.

BHTD Development Path
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  • Oct

    Form a team

  • Nov

    Project preliminary design, white paper completed

  • Dec

    Strategic cooperation with Dalian Boda Hewlett-Packard Co., Ltd., Dalian Boqi Group and South Korea AZ Exchange

  • Jan to March

    Continuing to log on to OCX Exchange, PK Exchange, Australia EXX Exchange and South Korea AZ Exchange; will also land on five influential international exchanges; release BHTD Points Mall, Wallet APP1.0 version

  • May

    100,000 people in the BHTD Chain community

  • July

    Mall partner merchants 50,000+, get users 500,000+, become the largest point exchange DAPP

  • August

    BHTD Chain test chain online

  • Sep

    BHTD Chain public chain and development tools online

  • Oct

    BHTD Chain Public Chain Optimization Edition is online

  • Dec

    Recruitment of BHTD Chain Strategic Partners and DAPP Developers

  • Feb

    Layout BHTD Chain Big Data Ecology, Focusing on Perfecting Ecological Agreement Operations

Team strength
Henan Zhu (South Korea)
Graduated from the University of Broadcasting and Communication in 1986. Joined an electronics company in 1988. 2010 blockchain project 2017 az Exchange management, 2014 COIN BEST Management Consulting, Prior to co-directing Cocos-BCX's Korean operations, Mr. Namjuha was a successful official in the blockchain. Before that, Established Chugon Technology's domestic workplace and completed an initial public offering with an annual turnover of $30 million. Prior to joining Chukon, he was a market research and strategic development consultant for the KBB China market.
Bao Shoubin Zhang Ren (Japan)
In 2005, the company established the “Tekyo Entrepreneurship Society TNK” and won the Best Award in the Entrepreneurship Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Many excellent companies stand out from the TNK community. For example, GUNOSY Co., Ltd., which was listed on the Main Board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015, was acquired by ENSNKJAPAN Co., Ltd., which was acquired by "EN-JAPAN" after its listing on NASDAQ. Later, he created many companies, He has also experienced many company acquisitions. In 2014, he founded DOUBLEL Co., Ltd. and is currently the CEO of DOUBLEL.
Suzuki Athens (Japan)
Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Suzuki, is the first generation of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Network. He led the optical communication to Hong Kong and invested heavily in the Internet business. In 2000, Yingke Digital Power Chairman Li Zezhen and Chairman of the Optical Communications Department Kang Tianguang, In the name of a private share, the century-old Daxie Shenghui billions of dollars, is the combination of Suzuki. The record has not been broken until now. At that time, Optical Communication International (603, now renamed Zhongyou Gas) rose from 1 yuan to more than 20 mosquitoes, which was also affected by him.