BHTD Chain·Distributed Shared Consumption Ecology Platform Based on Blockchain

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decentralized consumer credit agreement

        BHTD Chain provides a complete point distribution solution designed to link the world's merchants and consumers through a blockchain network, facilitating the free flow of points and data. The platform design is carried out from three aspects: merchant organization, user and operation center.
        For the business organization, it provides interface services such as user registration and point distribution. Taking the point issue as an example, the point issuer first registers an institutional account through the points platform, and generates a pair of accounts and private keys from the bottom of the blockchain; after the merchant gets his own asset issuance account, he can issue his own points and The points are injected into the bottom layer of the blockchain. After the release is successful, the publisher can see the number of points under his account, and the number of points cannot be changed. Through the circulation of points between users, it is possible to naturally achieve the exchange of points between institutions, and the consumption records and asset balances will be truly recorded in the blockchain book, and real-time liquidation between merchants will be carried out. It can revolve and activate old users, and can also attract a large number of new users, realize user sharing, and promote the consumption circulation of points.
        For the user, a good user experience is ensured. The user can carry out the integral transaction or gift in the form of a red envelope, which maximizes the convenience of the user's point circulation and the classification and consumption of different points owned by the user. Through this method of integrating the wallet, it is convenient to realize unified payment, form a closed loop, and truly reflect the value of the point. For the operation center, it greatly reduces operating costs, realizes 24h unattended security intelligent transactions, and improves operational efficiency.