BHTD Chain·Distributed Shared Consumption Ecology Platform Based on Blockchain

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decentralized consumer credit agreement

Traditional business

Small businesses that traditionally issue points need to lock in a certain amount of BHTD (that is, pay a certain amount of margin) in order to access the economic ecology. It can be based on the simple point distribution function on the BHTD Chain public chain. Through the visual editing, the points are issued, the number of points issued is constant, can not be falsified, and has the liquidity and value growth of digital assets; You can also register the BHTD Chain's built-in points store to sell products for BHTD platform consumers and accept BHTD payments. The BHTDs received can be wholesaled to BHTD operators at wholesale prices.

Internet e-commerce / group business

Internet e-commerce or established group merchants with certain scale and development capabilities, after locking in a certain amount of BHTD (that is, paying a certain amount of margin) to access the economic ecology, The BHTD Chain can be built on the side chain, with full custom development capabilities, and the points are issued, redeemed with the BHTD on the main chain.


If the consumer already has a dedicated point that has already been connected to the BHTD Chain merchant, he can convert the special points into BHTD on the BHTD Chain to achieve greater exchange value or direct realization. You can also buy someone else's BHTD to pay a certain amount of compensation. Consumers are an important part of the BHTD Chain ecosystem and can contribute to their own data or contribute to the community.

Point operator

A professional broker role similar to “intermediary” has the ability to integrate upstream and downstream resources. Operators also need to lock in a certain number of BHTDs to participate in economic and ecological construction, providing users and landing application providers with more convenient and faster point exchange services, providing liquidity support for BHTD in the economic ecology. In addition, the nature of profit-seeking nature makes operators buy low and sell high, which has promoted the stability of BHTD to rise to a certain extent.

Witness (ie miner node)

Maintain the normal operation of the entire decentralized network through “mining”, and obtain BHTD by providing services such as “bookkeeping” and “verification transaction” for users, landing application providers and operators. According to the DPoS mechanism, wanting to be a witness also requires a certain amount of BHTD as a security deposit. Therefore, a node that wants to be a witness needs to purchase a large amount of BHTD from the operator.

Big data service provider, advertiser

Big data service providers and precision marketing service providers can form industry research reports based on the consumption data of Shanghai, and provide a solid and reliable basis for customer decision-making; consumption data will also be paid in the form of BHTD, which will be distributed to all Participants who contribute data.


BHTD Chain strongly welcomes developers to enter, and development organizations or individuals can participate in the platform ecological construction, get community rewards, and share platform benefits.